BOSI Survey

The BOSI survey was designed by Joe Abraham to detect your entrepreneurial traits.

The purpose of this activity is you to learn about yourself as an entrepreneur. In other words, what are your potential strengthens when it comes to participating in a startup venture. It is important to know that successful teams bring together people with different skills. If everyone has the same skills and interests, then team members will most likely be doing the same things which is not a good thing of any team. Imagine a basketball team with all point guards. What kinds of success will this team have against well balanced teams? Same holds true for startup ventures — team members must bring different skills and interests to the venture. Thus, this activity is designed to help you identify your strengths or your entrepreneurial DNA.

For this activity you will complete several steps.

Step 1

Take the survey by clicking here. Make sure you download the file after you have taken the survey for future reference.

Step 2

Watch the video of Joe Abraham’s talk on entrepreneurial DNA.

Step 3

Post a blog in which you discuss your entrepreneurial DNA. You can agree with the conclusion of the survey or you can disagree. However, you want to use the four different traits as you describe yourself as an entrepreneur.

Personal Value $150 dollars



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